By: Ann Anderson

We have all heard the expression, “It’s better the second time around,” but how many of us have actually experienced it? Reita and Richard Lambrecht truly have. Richard (Dick) had been married for 37 years, with a son and a daughter, and Reita was married for 26 years with one son.

Reita is from a family of educators, with strong family values and traditions. As did her father and brother before her, Reita attended undergrad at Denison University. She then received a B.S. degree from Indiana University, followed by six years of teaching. After her divorce, she returned to school. Reita attained her M.S.W. and did further graduate work in clinical psychology and then went on to a career working in a family psychology clinic near her home. Reita is a very calm person, with great people and listening skills.

A break from career found Reita traveling. A visit to Germany eventually resulted in her living in Wiesbaden for four years. She loved it there, made many friends, especially Elfi, who lived next door and became her close, forever friend. They are still in touch and visit back and forth. When Reita returned to Grosse Pointe, Michi-gan, where Dick had been living all along, close friends who also knew Dick had the idea that the two of them would click…and it was true. They were introduced at a prenuptial party of friends and were immediately at ease with each other.
They started talking and they kept on talking. From then on, they were together.

Dick is a man of German heritage. He graduated from Choate School and then from the Detriot Institute of Technology with a B.S. in engineering and business. His career encompassed industrial engineering and management in both the paper manufacturing and the iron and steel industries. He also is a licensed commercial pilot with early experience in charter, corporate, and airline flying. Dick has been actively involved in several local and national organizations, including the Propeller Club of the United States, the American Foundry Society, the Witenagemote, and the Woodworkers of Grosse Pointe. Dick’s interests have included hunting, fishing, skiing, and woodworking/construction.

Together, the Lambrechts have enjoyed church, traveling, music, family, and friendships. They are delightful new arrivals at Plymouth Harbor. You will love meeting them, and vice versa.