Resident Snapshot by G. Randolph Bishop

When you enter Sandra Forbes’ light, bright, inviting apartment, you see the hand of an experienced decorator, namely Sandra herself; interior decorating has been a hobby all her life and, with her many moves, she has had ample opportunity to use it.

Born and raised in Port Chester, N.Y., she was educated in the local school system, attended New York University, majoring in business, graduated with a BA degree.  She found employment at Alexander’s, at that time a well-known department store chain in the New York area and, after training, became an assistant buyer in the Women’s and Child’s Department at the White Plains store.

With her marriage to Clifford Forbes, she stopped working and moved to Philadelphia.  After three moves in 8 1/2 years, they settled in Franklin Lakes, N.J.  Twenty-five years later, Sandra moved to Sarasota where her only child, a daughter, Gail Forbes, also lives; her last residence in Sarasota was at Lake Shore Village.

Her late husband, Clifford Forbes, was a 1958 graduate of NYU School of Engineering.  While he was employed at Hamilton Standard, a leader in aerospace technologies, he was assigned to work with Gus Grissom, the astronaut; Grissom wanted to develop a new helmet for space flights.  Together the two men created a space helmet which eventually went to the moon.  The prototype, in wood, was presented to Forbes on completion of the project.  Forbes subsequently founded a business in New York, a firm he headed till 2 1/2 years ago when he suffered a fatal stroke at age 78.

Sandra Forbes’ life as a volunteer started as a teenager when, pushed by her father, she took her dog to comfort nursing home residents.  She volunteered in her daughter’s school library and, when Gail joined the school band, she became a “band mother,” driving kids to competitions.  Here in Sarasota, she was a “cuddler” in the neonatal department at Sarasota Memorial for twelve years and, most recently, a “caring companion” at Anchin Hospice for seven months.

Plymouth Harbor and Sandra Forbes are a good fit.  Since painting watercolors is another hobby, she’s an interesting addition to our thriving art community.  We welcome her and hope she enjoys life here in our active and interesting community as much as we do.