By Addie Hurst

CoranThe Corans are a blended family; he has three children and eight grandchildren and she has two children and three grandchildren.  Aubert was born and grew up in St. Louis, MO, and Sandy was born in Brooklyn but spent most of her youth in Trenton, NJ.

They met in Akron, OH, and it was almost love at first sight.  At the time, Sandy worked for non-profit agencies (YMCA, United Way, and a public TV station) and Aubert worked for Monsanto Company as a research scientist.  It was a second marriage for both of them.

During that time he made many contributions in the fields of polymer science and technology.  He was an inventor (over 99 patents) and an author (about 100 scientific papers).   He has won too many prestigious awards and honors to try to enumerate them.  But not satisfied with B.S. and M.S. degrees from St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Aubie went on (37 years later) to earn his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the Universite de Haute Alsace (at Mulhouse,  France) in 1992.  Next, he served as Research Professor, then Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Polymer Engineering of the University of Akron, and then was a consultant until he retired in 2005.

What can we say about Aubie’s inventiveness?  He says he just looks at problems and finds solutions.  Sandy says he finds unusual problems and solutions, because his mind functions in a different sphere.

Besides accompanying Aubie on his many travels, Sandy has spent most of her time volunteering.  Before her heart attack, she spent five years teaching the AARP driver education course at various places in Sarasota.  She also volunteered at the Senior Friendship Center in their physical fitness program.  Now she is eagerly looking around to find a niche where she can do some volunteering here at Plymouth Harbor.

The Corans moved to Plymouth Harbor at the recommendation of several friends who are residents.  They both enjoy bicycling and Sandy participates in water aerobics and exercise classes and looks forward to playing Scrabble.  Aubie enjoys playing tunes on their keyboard and has been chairman of the Restaurant Awareness Committee of the Sarasota-Manatee Gluten Intolerant Support Group.

They already know a lot of people in Plymouth Harbor; they are so friendly and outgoing that they are sure to meet many more.