By: Lorna Hard

As you will see, airplanes and cars have been a recurring theme in Gini Mulkin’s life. Her father was an automobile mechanic who worked as an airplane mechanic during the war. She learned automobile repair from him, and to this day, she loves cars and driving — although the advent of computerized systems in cars ended her ability to repair them.

Gini was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Burbank. When she graduated from Burbank High School, she enrolled in a program at Los Angeles State University which included courses leading
to a nursing degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree. After two years of carrying a full course load and also working to pay for her education, she decided to drop out of school to work full time.

Gini became a stewardess with United Airlines and very much enjoyed that career until she married an Air Force Pilot and had to stop working. After a few months in Sacramento, her husband was transferred to MacDill Air Force Base and she has lived in Florida ever since. Her two sons were born in Tampa.

When Gini and her first husband divorced, she again went to work, joining The Hertz Corporation, a car rental company. She was the first woman to be a Hertz counter agent at an airport in Florida. She continued that job until she married her second husband.

When her sons were in high school, Gini enrolled in the newly established Hillsborough Community College two-year accelerated nursing program. She earned her RN, graduating with the first class to complete that program. Gini then began her career in nursing, eventually becoming board certified in hemodialysis. In 1979, she accepted the position of head nurse at Sarasota Dialysis Unit that now is Fresenius. Gini moved here, and at about that time, her second marriage ended in divorce.

A few years later she met John Mulkin, who also had been married twice. They eventually married and both considered it “third time lucky.” John owned several car dealerships, of course. They were very happily married for twenty-five years until John passed away about three years ago.

Gini and John lived in Sarasota, summered in Canandaigua, New York, near where John grew up, and spent some time every spring in Santa Barbara to keep in touch with Gini’s roots in California. They also traveled extensively in the United States and abroad. John had four children and the families blended well. Gini now has 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, with another on the way.

Besides her love of airplanes and cars, Gini has a passion for needlepoint. She is an avid reader and she loves the theater. She supports the Asolo Repertory Theatre as well as the Florida Studio Theatre. She enjoyed golf with John and has maintained her membership at Sara Bay Country Club, although she no longer plays. It is a great pleasure to welcome Gini to Plymouth Harbor.