By Celia Catlett

MooneyCheryl and Tim Mooney are both natives of New Jersey and attended the same high school, although at different times. Fate, however, brought about their meeting a few years later due to a dead snake!  Cheryl and some college girlfriends stopped in a bar that featured a snake charmer, but because the snake had died, the show was canceled and jukebox dancing substituted.  Tim asked one of Cheryl’s friends to dance.  Cheryl, tired of tapping her feet, instead tapped the friend on the shoulder and when Tim whirled around, he was surprised by a new partner.  “Where did the blonde go?” he asked.  Well, it was a brunette for him for ever after.  A year and a half later, they were married and just celebrated their forty-eighth wedding anniversary.

Cheryl finished her degree at Paterson State Teachers College (now William Paterson University) and taught art for many years as she followed Tim on the frequent moves his career in insurance involved.

Tim held positions as agent and from district to regional sales manager for Allstate for twenty-one years.  At one point, their two high school-age daughters (Kimberly and Allison) balked at transferring to Chicago.  After a family council, Tim went with the health care division of Travelers, assured that he could stay put; two years later, headquarters moved to guess where?  Chicago.  Tim eventually went to First Health until his retirement in 2001.

Cheryl branched out and during one of their postings in St. Petersburg, worked for the Pinellas Park Newspaper, taught public speaking for Dale Carnegie, and then began her own insurance career with Prudential in financial services.  In fact, she was featured on the cover of the first issue of the Prudential Leader.  When Tim transferred again to Chicago, she continued with Prudential’s Chicago office until the Mooneys moved to Lakewood Ranch in 2002.

They are fortunate to have daughter Kimberly nearby on Siesta Key.  Allison, mother of their two granddaughters, lives in Chicago.  Both are interested in the fitness program here and in helping our Marketing Department to recruit new residents.  Cheryl enjoys bridge, gardening, and, of course, art. They are a lively addition to our community.  Please welcome them warmly.