Editor’s Note:  While publishing an autobiographical sketch is not our norm, we found Christine’s version so refreshingly delightful that we couldn’t resist.

My biography will be very brief since I have absolutely no accomplishments and very few talents unless you count being able to make a mess faster than almost anyone alive.

I’ve lived most of my life outside of Philadelphia.  I went to Harwick College, majoring in as little as possible which has turned into a lifetime pursuit.

Being unprepared for a well-paying job, I have worked as a travel agent all my life.  I’ve traveled a great deal and, best of all, I fell in love with one of my clients.  Single for a long time, I was finally able to trap a man when I was 37, and it’s been happily ever since.  Since Angelo tells me we need the money, I still work part-time for the agency, doing light bookkeeping.

We bought a winter condo at the northern end of Longboat Key in 1997, moved to a larger condo a few years later and then relocated to the island permanently a few years ago.  We have kept the smaller place on the beach for family and friends because even though we had room for guests in our home, Angelo says, “I like to have people visit but keep them the hell away from me.”  Now I fritter away my time with Mah Jongg, entertaining, and endlessly playing stupid computer games.

I’m also writing Angelo’s biography since we have always had a clear division of labor at our house.  I am in charge of all the little things, like where we live, what we spend and where we go; Angelo is in charge of the big things, like peace in the Middle East and space exploration.

Angelo was born in Washington, PA, and earned a BS in Pharmacy from Duquesne University.  After serving stateside in the Korean War, he worked as a pharmacist while earning a Masters and Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh.  His career was spent at Squibb and Johnson & Johnson and included a lot of overseas travel which is how he met his lovely wife, Christine.

He has two outstanding daughters who have given us seven wonderful grandchildren who don’t always write thank-you notes and one adorable great-grandson.

He spends his time watching the news, loading my sales receipts into Quicken and wondering why our apartment took so long to remodel.

We are both very happy to be at beautiful Plymouth Harbor.