Want to save energy and work on your fitness at the same time?  Perhaps you can use the stairs – not the elevator.  How often do you take the elevator only one floor?  Say, from the ground floor to the lobby or to visit a friend one flight up.  If you have tried the stairs at Plymouth Harbor you have likely seen one of these inspirational signs.




It started last Spring and there are a growing number of residents and staff who are choosing the stairs.  Provided your doctor approves, you can join them. Walking up a flight of stairs each day saves energy, frees up our over-burdened elevators, and firms up your body while burning calories.   Walking down stairs is a high impact activity and for most of us taking the elevator down is a good idea.

How about dusting off that old bike?   To prepare for those stairs, try biking. There are many bicycles gathering dust in the garages.  To prepare for those stairs, ask your doctor if it is okay for you to take short rides around the property.

Many of us, as we get older, are afraid of falling when mounting or dismounting our bicycles.  They now make bikes with the pedals moved forward toward the front wheel.  (They call that changing the geometry of the bicycle.) With that pedal placement you can mount or dismount the bike with both feet firmly on the ground.

If riding a bike is out of the question, how about riding one of the stationary ones in the new Fitness Room?  Opportunities for fitness are all around us.  So get some energy, save some energy and start walking!