Summer Rentsch

Summer Rentsch
Director of Wellness
and Programming

At Plymouth Harbor, we understand that taking good care of yourself goes beyond eating your leafy greens and getting adequate sleep. Our view on whole person wellness emphasizes a multi-dimensional approach maintaining broad interests and a healthy lifestyle for an active mind and body.

The seven dimensions of wellness include:

  • Emotional – optimism, humor, moods, etc.
  • Vocational – learning new skills, pursuing interests and passions
  • Intellectual – memory, stimulation, learning and interacting
  • Physical – healthy fitness and nutrition habits, preventive care and screenings, safety, mobility
  • Spiritual – aligning your values, prayer, meditation, balancing life issues
  • Social – warm and respectful interactions, emotional support, relationships with others
  • Environmental – good stewardship, respecting resources, choosing processes that re-use and recycle goods, and use of the natural environment for active living

The amenities and programs offered at Plymouth Harbor have been designed with this multi-dimensional philosophy in mind. Our choices include the intellectual stimulation of books, lectures, computer instruction, and workshops. Our chapel provides a sanctuary for mediation and reflection and hosts observances for major religious occasions. Our grounds incorporate the beauty of nature with the opportunity to sit and reflect, and a walking path that outlines the entire campus. Residents are encouraged to continue hobbies and interests and are provided space to do so. Special studios and areas are set aside for various pursuits such as woodworking, art, horticulture, and dance. Our wellness center offers a variety of fitness classes such as water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, bocce ball, line dancing, sit fit, and more. Our environment is pleasing to all the senses with its beautiful surroundings, delicious dining experiences, and polite and caring staff.


 Click here to see our group fitness calendar of exercise classes.


The Wellness Center – A Closer Look

EQUIPMENT: A spacious fitness room features a wide range of cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and Nu-Steps. Also in this space are two special pieces of equipment by Biodex: a UBE (Upper Body Ergometer) suitable for individuals with limited use of their legs and the Biodex Balance System for individual balance testing and training. Keiser pneumatic strength training equipment is in place as well. These special (and easy to use) machines are safer and easier on the joints than traditional machines making them ideal for a senior population.

Click on the circle to see an expanded view of the Wellness Center Site map and Quick Facts. You can also download a copy of the Wellness Center brochure by clicking on the PDF icon.

Group Fitness


Many of the exercise stations are equipped with televisions and ports for tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, readers, and other electronic devices to make workouts enjoyable. Mirrored walls aid in monitoring proper form. Natural lighting through floor to ceiling windows look out on the gorgeous bay view to the south and west.


Group Fitness


This handsome studio also features floor-to-ceiling windows along the south wall, cushioned floor, mirrored walls, and an audio system. As the dedicated space for group fitness and dance classes it hosts Line Dancing, Tai Chi, Sit Fit, Functional Fitness, Total Body Challenge, Better Balance, Body Moves, Yoga, Meditation, Feldenkrais Method®, Zumba Gold®, and Ballroom Dancing.


Pool - Outdoor


Two pools, indoor and outdoor, collectively offer choices for aquatic exercise. The 94 degree warm water indoor Therapy Pool, with newly refurbished deck, is frequently used by residents for therapy and mild exercise. A brand new hydraulic lift chair can assist in entering and exiting the pool. The 55’ outdoor pool is perfect for lap swimming and group aquatic exercise classes. Equally enjoyable may be simply relaxing poolside to enjoy nature and the beautiful Bay views.


Art Studio


The Art Studio features 20 artist stations, each equipped with a table and taboret. Enhanced track lighting, studio lights for artist models, a teaching area, and a dark room complete this creative new space.


Wood Shop


This 1200 SF space is dedicated to wood working and features an impressive collection of hand and power tools. An exterior door provides easy access for delivery of wood and materials.


The Commons


A seating area with comfortable furnishings is situated near the center of the activity. Residents can meet their friends and gather before or after a class, workout, or activity.