SILLSILL’s Thursday Global Issues III Series will be offered via simulcast from January through March 2015.  Twelve timely topics by well-informed speakers are presented at 10:30 a.m. in Pilgrim Hall.

To purchase series ($72) or single lecture tickets, call Jessica in the Marketing/Sales office at ext. 512





Jan 8      –              Global Energy: How Can Things Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways—Hon. Molly Williamson

Jan 15    –              The Rebirth of Al Queda in Iraq—Jessica Lewis

Jan 22    –              The U.S. and the Great Powers in the Wake of Congressional Elections—Dr. Jerry Pubantz

Jan 29    –              Europe and Putin—Martin Walker

Feb 5     –              U.S. Security Forces: Post Realignment—Dr. John Williams

Feb 12   –              Top Secret America? – Dr. Joel Brenner

Feb 19   –              The Emerging Pattern of Relations in Northeast Asia—Ambassador Donald Gregg

Feb 26   –              Iran’s Policy Towards Syria, Lebanon and Iraq: Is Iranian-American Cooperation Possible?-Dr. Mohsen Milani

Mar 5    –              Iraq: The Pottery Barn Rule, Are We Responsible for the Mess or Does It Matter? – Ambassador James Jeffrey

Mar 12  –              The Challenge of U.S. Economic Development in a Globalized World—Professor Gary Fields

Mar 19 –              Reclaiming the American Dream—Hedrick Smith

Mar 26  –             Power and Trust in U.S.-China Relations—Dr. David Lampton