By Becky Pazkowski

We are delighted to share with you some of the highlights of Plymouth Harbor Foundation’s calendar year 2013 (as of 12/20/2013).  Below you will find charts that will give you a pictorial view of the year, but please allow me to mention some of the highlights in narrative form.  We are thankful at how generous you have all been this year, and how you have joined us in support of your favorite projects and passions.

Participation is an important factor in any giving program.  As of this writing, we received 345 gifts from 185 donors, of whom 67% are residents, rehab patients, or former residents; 14% staff; and 19% community, board members, vendors, or family.  185 donors is a 55% increase over last year.  Well done, donors!  Also, last year we had 60 new donors, and this year we have 99—all of whom we hope are enjoying the warm, deep feelings that generosity evokes.

We are extremely grateful to have inducted 7 new members into the MacNeil Society, as they have named Plymouth Harbor Foundation in their estate plans.  These deferred gifts are estimated at over $895,000.  This amount, added to the amount of deferred giving identified last year, totals over $1.1 million.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your ultimate gift!


The total dollar amount of current gifts this year is less than we received in 2012, but we were very fortunate to have received two large gifts in 2012 that together totaled over $500,000.   Among the many benefits—because there are too many to name here–this year’s generous giving has helped:


  •                 award 6 new scholarships to deserving employees
  •                 provide $5000 in emergency aide to employees
  •                 support residents who have outlived their resources
  •                 launch a renovation of our Wellness Center
  •                 bring frequent dances and musical events to PH
  •                 beautify our grounds; improve stewardship of our bay
  •                 keep our libraries relevant and well-functioning
  •                 improve the quality of life for our residents

Your love of fellow humankind is most impressive, and we are so very grateful.  Together, we can continue to bring new, improve existing, and plan for future programs and projects at Plymouth Harbor, thereby staying true to our mission of supporting positive aging.  We are on the cutting edge of retirement living, and we plan to keep it that way!  Many thanks for your support.