Gifts of doors and windows sounds poetic and might point to gifts as doors and windows opening up new opportunities. But today, we truly are talking about physical doors and windows that will enhance quality of life at Plymouth Harbor.



It gives us great pleasure to thank Graham (Barky) and Pat Barkhuff for their gift to support new entrance doors in the MacNeil Chapel.  The new doors will be made of beautiful mahogany, and will feature stained glass inserts as shown to the right. The entire project, including the fabrication of the wood doors (which will be created by Barky), has been supported by the Barkhuffs.  Their gift has been given in loving memory of their children Andy and Pammy.  Please join us in thanking Barky and Pat for their generosity.  The new doors will be installed this month.




We are extremely grateful to Jeanne McNulty, who has made a gift to support new stained glass coverings for the windows immediately to the left as you enter the Chapel.  The new glass will complement the existing windows near the altar, as well as the new Chapel doors.  Jeanne has made this gift in loving memory of her late husband, Robert McNulty.  At left is an artist’s concept of the new glass.  It is important to note that the colors will match the vibrancy of the existing windows.   We hope to see the new windows installed sometime this summer.