donate a bicycleDo you remember when you bought a new bicycle for your daughter because she outgrew the old one?  But the old one wasn’t really that old, and there were so many good memories of it rolling down the hill as your daughter learned how to ride it.  Or remember when you went in search of THE BEST VIOLIN EVER for your son, only to find that he played it for one year and then decided to switch to band instead of orchestra?

What did you do with that old bicycle and violin?  I’ll bet you didn’t throw it away.  I’ll bet you gave it away to the next person that was searching for the BEST EVER.  Remember how good you felt when you knew you had made someone’s day?

Recently Plymouth Harbor helped make the day of many people by donating formerly used items that were being replaced during renovations and equipment upgrades.

The Boys & Girls Club was extremely happy to receive the ballet barres, exercise mats, and a treadmill from the former fitness room.

All Faiths Food Bank will receive the Dinex insulated tableware from the Smith Care Center when it is soon replaced.

Treviso Restaurant at The Ringling was grateful to receive an Alto-Shaam food warmer when we replaced it this year with new equipment.

Thanks to Chris Valuck, Rene Weder, and Danielle Menzies for identifying that these items had more life in them, finding them a new home, and making someone’s day!