On Thursday, December 22, 2016, Plymouth Harbor held a wonderful “red carpet” Grand Opening event for our newly rejuvenated Pilgrim Hall. All in all, the event celebrations included a donor appreciation, red carpet photos, self-guided tours, a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony, and a celebratory reception.

The first Project Design Team meeting for the rejuvenation of Pilgrim Hall was held on December 22, 2015, exactly one year before the Grand Opening, and official renovations began in July 2015. Today, only seven months later, the new hall features exciting upgrades, including acoustics, seating, lighting, state-of-the-art technology, and more.

As a part of Pilgrim Hall’s Grand Opening, we have prepared a special program lineup beginning this month that will run through the end of February. These programs specifically showcase the variety of amenities that are now offered in Pilgrim Hall.

We are so very grateful to all those who helped this dream become a reality and to those who celebrated the opening of Pilgrim Hall with us. As the New Year begins, we look forward to offering many new and exciting programs here at Plymouth Harbor.

Companies That Match Employee Donations
Listed below are companies that match employee donations to non-profit organizations. Some companies even continue to match former employees’ contributions after retirement. If your company is not listed, you can find out from the human resources office if your employer offers a matching gift program. Matching gifts often double and sometimes even triple your donation.

National Companies:
3M Foundation
Abbott Laboratories
AIG (American Intl Group)
Air Products and Chemicals
Alliance Capital Management
Altria/Phillip Morris
AMD/Adv. Micro Devices
Ameren Corporation
*American Express
American Electric Power
American International Group, Inc
American Standard Foundation
AON Corporation
*Arizona Republic/Gannett
Argonaut Group
Automatic Data Processing Inc.
Auto Nation
Auto Owners Insurance
Avon Products
AXA Financial
Bank of America
Bank One
Bard Medical
Barnes Group
BAX Global
Baxter Healthcare
Best Foods
BF Goodrich Aerospace
Black & Decker Corporation
The Boeing Company
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Cable One
Cendant Corp
Charles Schwab Corp.
Circuit City
Citgo Petroleum
CAN (Insurance & Financial)
Coca-Cola Company
Compaq Computer
Countrywide Financial
Delta Air Lines
Dial Corp
Duetsche Bank/Alex Brown
Dunn & Bradstreet
Eli Lily & Company
Enterprise Rent Car
Fannie Mae
Farmers Group (Insurance)
First Data
Follett Corporation
Ford Foundation
Fortune Brands
Frito Lay Corporation
Gap Stores
General Dynamics
General Electric
*General Mills
General Motors
Gillett company
Glaxo SmithKline
Harris Trust
Hewlett Packard
Home Depot
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Household International
IKON Office Solutions
In-N-Out Burger
International Paper Company
ITW/Illinois Tool Works
John Hancock Life Ins. Co.
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase (Tempe)
Kaplan Educational Centers
Lehman Brothers Investments
Lockheed Martin
Lowes Home Improvements
Macy’s West
March & McLennan
MassMutual Financial Insurance
MasterCard International
May Company
Mazda North America
McKesson (Phoenix)
Merrill Lynch
Met Life
Microsoft Corporation
Mitsubishi International
Mobil Retiree Program
Morgan Stanley
National Computer Systems
Neiman Marcus Group
Northern Trust
Northrup/General Signal
Northwest Airlines
Northwestern Mutual
OCE Digital Document Service
Oracle Corporation
*Pacific Life
Pearson NCS
Phelps Dodge
Piper Jaffray
Pitney Bowes
Procter & Gamble
Radio Shack
Rain for Rent
Ralston Purina
Robinson’s May
SAFECO Insurance
Sallie Mae
Salomon Smith Barney
Sara Lee Corporation
Shell Oil Company
Siemens Energy & Automation
Simplex Grinnell Fire System
Sony Music Entertainment, Inc
Southwest Gas
Square D
Starwood Foundation
State Farm
Subaru of America
Sun Micro Systems
Texas Instruments
Time Warner
Toys R Us/ Babies R Us
Traveler’s Express
T. Rowe Price
Tyco International
UPS – United Parcel Service
United Space alliance
United Technologies
US Airways
US Bancorp
Vanguard Group
Vulcan Materials Company
Washington Group
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wrigley Mg. Co.
Wyeth Corporation
Yum Brands

44564By: Becky Pazkowski

As we watch the new building rise out of the ground and take structural shape, we marvel at the excitement each concrete pour brings, as floor after floor is added. Soon we will start to see the walls form, windows added, and the exterior will be buttoned up for the final months of construction.

With the expanded Assisted Living Residence and new Memory Care Residence, you might wonder what life will be like for our new residents of this building. Our goal is to be known as a premier leader, both locally and nationally, in providing innovative care for individuals and families experiencing cognitive decline associated with dementia. The health services team has been working diligently behind the scenes of construction to define and deliver the breadth and depth of this premier program.

At the same time, the Plymouth Harbor Foundation has been working with the health services team to define the portion of the programmatic features that will be supported by a capital campaign effort. A campaign committee has been formed, and they are in the very quiet stages of the campaign, talking with leadership and donors who have expressed interest in supporting the campaign. The two broad components of the project that the campaign will support are Educational Leadership and Inspirational Programming.

Educational Leadership: We have adopted the Positive Approach® to Care, developed by Teepa Snow, whose techniques and training models are used throughout the world.  Plymouth Harbor has initiated campus-wide training for all of our employees on this approach to caring for and interacting with persons with dementia. We will expand the training to include family members and the community-at-large.

Inspirational Programming: A diagnosis of dementia is devastating for you and your loved ones. The future is uncertain. The past is vague and confused. It is the present in which we must live, to seek and celebrate joy, discovery, and connection that can happen in a moment. This moment. Our programs will establish inspiring and fulfilling opportunities to spark that engagement with the moment, reaching the passion, emotion, and enthusiasm within each resident.

In January, we will share more about the specifics of the A Commitment to Memory capital campaign as we move towards our public announcement. Until then, if you have particular questions or would like more information about the campaign, please feel free to contact Becky Pazkowski at Ext. 398, or any of the campaign committee members listed below. Members of the capital campaign committee include:

Walt and Gerry Mattson, Honorary Co-Chairs

Barry and Phil Starr, Co-Chairs

Marie and Tom Belcher

Bruce Crawford and Joan Sheil

Jack Denison

Charles Gehrie

Jean Glasser

Harry Hobson, President/CEO

Jeanne Manser

Ann and Ray Neff

Cade Sibley

Tom Towler and Nancy Lyon


3212L3-PILGRIM_HALL-SD (3)On Thursday, December 22, 2016, Plymouth Harbor will host a “red carpet” Grand Opening event for our newly rejuvenated Pilgrim Hall. The event will showcase the new hall and will offer self-guided tours of the new space, featuring exciting upgrades including acoustics, seating, lighting, state-of-the-art technology, and more.

The event will begin at 3:00 p.m. with one hour of self-guided tours. While there will be staff stationed throughout Pilgrim Hall to help answer any questions, residents and guests are free to explore the fully-upgraded hall. Also during this time, we will be offering complimentary red carpet photos in the Lobby. At 4:00 p.m., the doors to Pilgrim Hall will close in preparation for the Grand Opening ceremony, which will take place at 4:30 p.m. in the Mayflower Restaurant.

The ceremony will include the dedication and ribbon cutting for the rejuvenated Pilgrim Hall, as well as remarks from President/CEO Harry Hobson and other key individuals involved in the project. A reception with complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will follow the ceremony, sponsored by Integrity Sound and WBRC Architects, our audio visual installation team and architect. Pilgrim Hall will again be opened for tours during the reception.

As a part of Pilgrim Hall’s Grand Opening, we have prepared a special program lineup beginning January 1, 2017, that will run through the end of February 2017. These programs, which will be revealed at the event, showcase the variety of amenities offered in the newly rejuvenated Pilgrim Hall.

Plymouth Harbor is proud to celebrate the completion of this exciting project and looks forward to providing the best programming  possible for our residents. Please look for an event invitation with more details and information in your mailbox in early December.


Below are some particulars regarding the rejuvenation:

Acoustical Treatments:  The interior walls, ceiling, exterior corridor, and front and back of the room have all been acoustically treated with panels and rounded materials that allow the sound to travel equally throughout the Hall.  There will be a new stage curtain and a curtain in the back of the room, which will further enhance the acoustics.  Sound deadening panels have been added to the exterior corridor that is shared with the Café.  These new treatments were intended to improve residents’ ability to hear and converse in the Café during meals.

Seating:  There will be 100 seats:  95 are permanent and 5 are removable to make space for wheelchairs or scooters.  The manufacturer of the all-new seating is American Seating, the same company that provided the previous seats in Pilgrim Hall.  The size (height and width) of the new seats are very similar to the previous seats, but the cushions are new and improved material that will add to the comfort and long-term durability.  Several of the end caps of the rows will lift up to provide ease in entering the seats.

Integrated Audio System:  The microphone system is all new and it operates on a digital system, which improves the quality of the sound.  Additionally, a new surround-sound system is being installed to improve sound needed for video, computer, or DVD.

 Upgraded Video Technology and Improved Sight Lines:  A new Pan/Tilt/Zoom video camera is being installed that will project a high definition picture onto a new high definition large screen.  To improve sight lines for guests, 55” TV monitors will be installed on both sides of the hall, about half way back.

Enhanced House and Theatrical Lighting:  House lighting is being added to the north and south walls in the form of beautiful sconces.  Recessed house lighting has been added to the ceilings of the house and the stage.  Theatrical lighting, including two movable spotlights, will be added to highlight the stage.

Increased Storage:  A new permanent storage area has been added outside of the rear of the hall for storage of walkers and wheelchairs during dinner or an event in the hall. The Steinway piano has been accommodated backstage for permanent storage, and the vertical rack for the audio/visual equipment has its own storage area backstage.

Increased Accessibility:  A ramp has been added to access the stage.  The two doors from the Café corridor have each been widened by 18” to improve ingress and egress.  The moveable wall at the rear of the hall provides another opportunity to move into and out of the hall quickly.  That wall also allows us to retain our flexibility in expanding seating during an expected overflow event, should the need arise.

Repositioning of the Sound Booth:  Previously, the sound booth was positioned at the front of the hall.  Sound booths are typically at the back of a performance hall, so that the technician will be able to hear and see what the audience is hearing and seeing.  We have been able to add a portable sound booth at the back of the hall, which can be removed when it is not needed.  Mobile applications make it possible for the control of the lights, audio, and video to be pre-set and controlled at any location in the hall.

Colors and Décor:  The décor package has been carefully considered to coordinate with the restaurant and the lobby, but with some added enhancements.  Wall coverings, curtains, paint, carpet, chair fabric, and beautiful woods combine to offer a refreshing new look in the hall, while not taking a complete departure from the existing design of adjacent areas.


didyouknowPresident Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Philanthropy Day to be November 15, 1986.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our country’s annual celebration of philanthropy. We are honored and feel privileged to take this day to extend our deepest and most sincere thanks to our board and committee members, donors, and volunteers for making the world a better place because of what they do.

Philanthropy, “the love of humankind,” is expressed in many different forms, from volunteerism, to community service, to charitable giving. Here at Plymouth Harbor, we witness the expression of philanthropy every day from our residents, families, board members, volunteers, and employees. In some ways, the simplest form of philanthropy, such as a kind greeting, a visit to a Smith Care Center resident, a high school student spending their Saturday morning showing a resident how to use their iPad, a charitable gift to a major project, or an offering of an educational scholarship. No matter the form of kindness, it is an expression of love for humankind.

As we think about the impact philanthropy has on the fabric of our community, even before the Foundation existed, let’s take a moment to reflect and be thankful for every one of us at Plymouth Harbor. For, in one way or another, we are all philanthropists.

Happy National Philanthropy Day to all of you!




chrysanthemums-1127502_1920-2Joan Runge was an amazing and entertaining woman, with a dry sense of humor and not a shy bone in her body. One never had to guess what was on Joan’s mind. She cared deeply for Plymouth Harbor, which became her home in 1999. In 2012, upon the formation of the Plymouth Harbor Foundation, Joan was the first person to notify us that Plymouth Harbor was a beneficiary in her trust. She was generous, having identified Plymouth Harbor as a 25 percent beneficiary. She later (in 2013) wished to make it known to us that her bequest was to be directed to the Assisted Living and Memory Care Residence. We arranged the paperwork so that her wishes would be carried out.

Joan passed away a year ago this month and we just received the first distribution from her trust, totaling $252,000, which has been applied as she wished. We anticipate a final distribution that will bring the total to roughly $340,000. Indeed, Joan Runge knew what she wanted, and wasn’t shy about making sure it happened. We are deeply grateful for Joan’s generosity and vision in assigning her estate to where it will make a huge impact for decades in the future. Thank you, Joan Runge.

macneil_monogramIt gives us great pleasure to welcome the following new members of the MacNeil Society in 2016. These new members join the existing 26 members of the MacNeil Society, bringing our total membership to 37.

The amount of deferred giving represented by this 2016 group of members totals over $1,543,600. The total deferred giving from all living members of the group totals more than $2,825,000, and we have received over $394,000 since 2012 from those who have passed away. We are very grateful to those who have made a gift in their estate to benefit Plymouth Harbor — planting seeds for the future.

New in 2016

Tom and Marie Belcher, Celia Catlett and Gene Heide, Harold and Kathy Dombrowski, Charles Gehrie, Nancy A. Gross, Fran Knight, Vera Kohn, Ted Rehl, John W. Markham, III, Rebecca and Paul Pazkowski, Charleen Sessions

Members Since 2012

Joe Berkely, Charles R. and Gloria J. Broderick, Ruth Carmichael, Even T. Collinsworth, Evelin Corsey, Bruce Crawford, John and Alida DeJongh, Jeanette M. DeVore, Carl Denney and Winnie Downes, Beatrice Doheny, Elsie Dreffein, Matilda Fontaine, Harry and Nancy Hobson, Allen and Stephanie Hochfelder, Henry and Janet Jacobs, Susan Johnson, Elizabeth and William Johnston, Gerda and Vytas (Mac) Maceikonis, Walt and Gerry Mattson, Jeanne McNulty, Anne Moore, Joan Runge, Bobi Sanderson, Joan Sheil, Jack and Peg Smith, Phil and Barry Starr


Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Recipients! We are very pleased to present the following individuals who have been awarded scholarships from the Plymouth Harbor Foundation this year.

Carol Bello — Daughter of Martha Chavez, Housekeeping Staff, 
Foundation Scholarship ($2,000)

Carol is in her final year at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in social work and political science. She hopes to go on to law school after earning her bachelor’s degree. One day, she wants to make a difference in the government and assist in creating better laws and regulations to help immigrants.

Picture2Dallas Conklin — Dining Staff, Foundation Scholarship ($1,500)

Dallas has been accepted into the Art of Sound Recording Course of the Audio Engineer Training Program at Clear Track Studios in Clearwater. Dallas has been a musician and writer of music since grade school and wishes now to pursue the technical and production aspects of recording. He hopes someday to have a career in music production/engineering.


Picture3Dayle Cortes — Son of Hernando Cortes, SCC Nursing Staff, 
Foundation Scholarship ($2,000)

Dayle has been accepted into the University of Florida Innovation Academy to pursue an accounting degree. He hopes to become a CPA in the next five years. He is excited to be attending the Innovation Academy, as he will be able to explore entrepreneurship while working on an accounting major and an innovation minor.


Picture4Desiree Whatley — Home Care Staff, Foundation Scholarship ($2,000)

Desiree is a student at Manatee Technical College, studying to be a Surgical Technical Assistant. She recently earned her Associates in Arts degree at State College of Florida and hopes to eventually earn a Bachelor’s in Health Science. The Surgical Technical Assistant program certification at Manatee Technical College will get her one step closer to her goal.


Picture5Vernicia (Nici) Crenshaw — Dining Staff and Daughter of Michelle 
Brinson, Housekeeping Staff, Bea Davis Scholarship ($1,500)

Nici is a student at Meridian College, studying obstetric sonography. She is intrigued by the 3D and 4D ultrasounds, and has a passion for being part of the process as parents first “meet” their babies, seeing their faces through the advanced technology. Nici said she knew when she was in high school that this was the career for her.


Hannah Matosky — Daughter of Steve Matosky, Security Staff, 
Foundation Scholarship ($2,000)

Hannah is a senior at University of Central Florida, earning her bachelor’s degree in human communications. She hopes to work in brand development after graduation and has several internships lined up along the way. Her passion is to help companies be the best they can be by helping them tell their story.


Kaylee Hood — Dining Staff, Evelin Corsey Scholarship ($1,500)

Kaylee is a student at University of South Florida, majoring in health sciences and healthcare administration, and would eventually like to earn her master’s degree. She hopes to become a speech pathologist so that she can help children with speech disorders adjust to the society around them.  


Picture8Lucas Smith — Son of Edna Pineda, Housekeeping Staff, Jeannette 
Gehrie Music Scholarship ($1,500)

Lucas is our youngest scholarship recipient, having turned six this year. His mother shares that he has shown an inclination in music for several years and during testing was shown to have an ear and talent for it. He will be taking drum and keyboard lessons for the next six months.



VPicture9alerie Bixler — Daughter of Shelley Bixler, SCC Nursing Staff, Jane T. Smiley Scholarship ($2,000)

Valerie aspires to become a dental hygienist, as she would like to help educate patients on the importance of dental health and prevention. She is currently at State College of Florida pursuing her associates’ degree and will then continue on to the dental hygiene program.



Picture10Venise Andre — Dining Staff, Foundation Scholarship ($2,000)

Venise Andre is attending Valencia Community College to pursue a degree in business management. Venise is the youngest of five siblings, the first to finish high school, and the only one to go on to college. She lost her mother when she was 10 and hopes that by furthering her education, she will be fulfilling a dream her mother had for her.


Resident Vera Kohn passed away in March of this year. During her lifetime, Vera made annual gifts to the Employee Assistance Fund to benefit Employee Hardship cases. In July, we were fortunate to receive a gift of $10,000 from the Vera Kohn Trust to benefit employee hardship. The trust officer said in his letter to us: “Vera held you in high esteem and she wished to express her appreciation and admiration.” We are very honored and appreciative of Vera’s kind feelings for our hardworking and deserving employees. We welcome Vera as a new member of the MacNeil Society.


In 1999, Anne and Albert Moore established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) with their financial managers, naming Plymouth Harbor as one of the recipients of the remainder. Albert passed away in January 2015, and a little over a year later, in February 2016, Anne passed. In June, we received the unrestricted distribution from their CRUT in the amount of $29,000. Anne shared this information with us years before she passed away, so we were able to recognize the Moores in the MacNeil Society over the years and celebrate their estate gift while they were alive. We are very grateful for their forward thinking in establishing this gift.

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust is a gift vehicle that has several advantages to the donor:

1) Generates income to the donor for life;

2) Offers a tax deduction at the time the gift is made;

3) Rate of income is a fixed percent for life;

4) Donor may use cash or appreciated securities to fund;

5) Donor may name more than one charitable beneficiary. With a CRUT, the donor continues to receive a fixed percentage of income over their life, and whatever remains in the trust at the end of life is what is distributed to the charitable beneficiaries.