At a recent Residents Meeting, our CEO Harry Hobson presented some perspective related to the physical improvements that are going on at Plymouth Harbor. He emphasized while this has been somewhat disruptive to our daily lives at times, it is an investment that will continue to pay dividends now and for generations to come. In a sit-down discussion following the meeting, Mr. Hobson explained how these projects are intended to positively impact resident lives.

Over the past 12 years, we have…

Created spaces that are modern, inviting, and appealing
An enjoyable environment is a key factor in loving where you live. Thanks to Plymouth Harbor’s Facilities and Design team our interior spaces are a beautiful mix of form and function. With a renovated lobby, entryway, performance hall, dining room, private dining room, cafe and restrooms; a restored East Garden lawn, pool and pool deck; and over 260 renovated apartments, every turn greets you with an appealing space to call home.

Increased our services and the quality of life of our residents
In 2014, the reimagination of the Wellness Center increased our fitness class offerings and upgraded our gym with state-of-the-art equipment that makes working out simple and accessible. In 2018, the Northwest Garden opened its doors, giving Plymouth Harbor the ability to care for those needing memory care in the thoughtfully designed Starr Residences. The addition of the Seaside Assisted Living Residences increased the number of assisted living accommodations from 10 to 60. We also have expanded our Rehab Department and created more on-campus parking.

Heightened the safety of our residents
With state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, upgraded Life Safety services, an enhanced nurse call system, and the replacement of our emergency generator, our residents can take a deep breath knowing that emergency safety measures are in place.

Ensured our building is maintained, secure and safe
The Plymouth Harbor Tower has been a Sarasota icon for over 50 years, due in part to the proper care we take of our structure. We have replaced our emergency generator, HVAC pumping system, chilled water system, main dining air handling, floor tiles, and ceilings. We have also updated our electrical system, repaired the seawall, re-roofed the Tower and East Garden, restored the building exterior, and performed capital maintenance in the Smith Care Center. The result? Plymouth Harbor’s building has aged with grace. In fact, although it may be 55 years old on paper, in practice it is only 8.5 years old according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices.

Improved work spaces to help staff stay happy and healthy
We could not do what we do without our incredible staff, and we strive to create environments that allow them to excel. We have renovated the main kitchen, expanded the Smith Care Center laundry, replaced the main kitchen air conditioner, and renovated the Ground Floor laundry, ensuring that our valued employees have clean, safe, and comfortable spaces to work in.

Helped our establishment and our residents stay better connected
As the world went digital, so did we. To make sure that our residents, staff, and stakeholders are always dialed in, we installed wireless internet and a new telephone system throughout our buildings. No matter where you go on campus, rest assured that you are never more than a call away from your friends and family.

Learned that conservation and safety can go hand-in-hand
As we move into 2020 you will experience a safer and more energy-efficient environment with the installation of brand-new hurricane windows throughout the campus. The installation of new elevators in the Tower will improve the experience of being transported from one floor to another.

We have spent the past 12 years investing in our campus, our services, and our future. Thank you for your patience as we make these improvements. We look forward to continuing to provide you with a community that cares about your present and future wellbeing.