Three Men: Pilgrim, British Soldier, Indian

When Plymouth Harbor was built in 1966, the Mayflower Dining Room had pictoral fabric panels on the windows.  The panels were produced in her home by the late Bonnie Bell, a woman who lived ‘south of Sarasota’.  They depicted the story of the Pilgrims’ voyage from Europe to Cape Cod and were rendered using a process known as BATIK, an ancient method of producing line, design and color on textiles by dyeing them, after having first applied wax to the fabric which was to be left untouched. 

Over the years, the fabric wore out; however, approximately a dozen small scenes were saved and framed.  At the present time, nine of those scenes hang in the lobby and Plymouth Rock Cafe. 

Men with Tools Conferring in Front of Houses

The very large piece on the east wall of the Cafe is entitled The Ship.  Two Women Consoling One Another on Board Ship; Two Men in Conversation; and Pilgrim Family with the Father Carrying the Bible are displayed in the north corridor.  In the south corridor you can enjoy Pilgrims Cooking Together in a Large Pot; Men with Tools Conferring in Front of Houses; Southampton, Plymouth Harbor; and Three Men: Pilgrim, British Soldier, Indian.

The Residents Association Decor Committee thanks resident Frances Knight for this information, as compiled by L. Deglman, May 2013.  Decor Committee co-chairs: Nancy Gross and Lyn Deglman.