Plymouth Harbor Dance Studio active senior living in floridaFriday, September 12 was a remarkable day at Plymouth Harbor, with sunlight streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows into what was once a darkened “dungeon” of the main building’s ground floor.   At 10:00 a.m. the doors to the soon to be christened 10,000 square foot Wellness Center swung open to welcome residents, donors, trustees, and the media.  The ribbon-cutting and ensuing celebration had begun.

The curious crowd wandered through the exceptionally well-appointed social area and into the Fitness Room, eager to learn about the state-of-the-art strength-training, cardio, and balance equipment.  The pristine Art Studio drew visitors as well, imagining what has yet to be created at each of the 20 artist stations. And the more adventurous tried their hand at the xBox Kinect gaming system in the Activity Alcove.

Plymouth Harbor Wellness Center Active Senior living floridaHowever, when the program began all eyes were on President & CEO Harry Hobson as he welcomed and thanked the many people who helped make this long-time dream a reality. Among them were the team of staff and architectural/construction partners who did the heavy lifting, led by Vice President of Support Services Tena Wilson, Wellness Director Chris Valuck, Building Project Manager George McGonagill, and partners from THW Design and Willis A. Smith Construction.  Harry paid homage, as well, to two residents who were especially instrumental in developing the wellness plan, Lois Droege and Dr. Paul Groen.

Everyone was beaming as resident leaders, donors, and even some of their family members, were acknowledged. The Plymouth Harbor Board and the Foundation Board were well represented, proudly appreciating what had been accomplished under their watch.

Plymouth Harbor Wellness Center active senior livingAnd then, the music began … so to speak.  Honoring the very special contribution by the late Joanne Hastings, a resident who shared her vision and enthusiasm for a wellness center that embraced dance as well as many other creative aspects of wellness, two dancers made their entrance to a lilting waltz.  Professional dance instructor James Helmich and his 90-year-old partner, Gloria Moss, seemingly floated around the dance floor in tribute to Joanne Hastings’ long-time passion for ballroom dancing.

After the ovations for the dancers faded, it was time for the ribbon-cutting.  The honors went to Tena Wilson, Resident Association President and Trustee Mary Allyn, Board of Trustees Chair Tom Hopkins, and Harry Hobson.

Chris Valuck and Wellness Program Assistant Amanda Kirk say it’s been non-stop ever since, with a steady stream of residents taking advantage of the beautiful new facilities.

What a dream. What an accomplishment!