By: Becky Pazkowski

Everyone knew Joan Runge. She was smart, outgoing, hardworking, and confident. There was also another attribute that Joan possessed: generosity. She did not flaunt it. In fact, she made you work for it. But, alas, she could be more generous than anyone knew.

There were two very generous things that Joan did before she passed away that will live on at Plymouth Harbor far into the future. First, along with the others in the Fund Shop group, she made a recommendation to the Residents Association that they contribute $30,000 of their treasury to The Next Stage Capital Campaign to rejuvenate Pilgrim Hall. As far as we know, this generous contribution represents the largest single contribution from the Fund Shop treasury in its history. This donation helps us to rejuvenate Pilgrim Hall, adding state of the art audio, video, furnishings, and acoustical treatments.

Additionally, Joan was a member of the MacNeil Society, having named The Plymouth Harbor Foundation in her estate plans. We are yet to know the exact amount of her bequest, but we do know is that the gift is in the “major” category, and she made sure that it would benefit the new Assisted Living and Memory Care expansion.

These two projects were very important to Joan, and she ensured that her generosity would have the largest impact on people’s lives as possible. We believe she accomplished just that. A truly generous heart.