chrysanthemums-1127502_1920-2Joan Runge was an amazing and entertaining woman, with a dry sense of humor and not a shy bone in her body. One never had to guess what was on Joan’s mind. She cared deeply for Plymouth Harbor, which became her home in 1999. In 2012, upon the formation of the Plymouth Harbor Foundation, Joan was the first person to notify us that Plymouth Harbor was a beneficiary in her trust. She was generous, having identified Plymouth Harbor as a 25 percent beneficiary. She later (in 2013) wished to make it known to us that her bequest was to be directed to the Assisted Living and Memory Care Residence. We arranged the paperwork so that her wishes would be carried out.

Joan passed away a year ago this month and we just received the first distribution from her trust, totaling $252,000, which has been applied as she wished. We anticipate a final distribution that will bring the total to roughly $340,000. Indeed, Joan Runge knew what she wanted, and wasn’t shy about making sure it happened. We are deeply grateful for Joan’s generosity and vision in assigning her estate to where it will make a huge impact for decades in the future. Thank you, Joan Runge.