By: Becky Pazkowski

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed November 15 to be National Philanthropy Day.  Since then, communities across the country and in Canada have come together on or about this date to celebrate the donors, volunteers, leaders, and others engaged in philanthropy.  While philanthropy departments and foundations celebrate donors and volunteers on a daily basis, this day was set aside for a wider, grassroots effort for entire communities to recognize the huge impact gifts of time, talent, and treasure make every day of our lives.

In the spirit of philanthropy that is ever present here at Plymouth Harbor, let us take a few minutes this month, perhaps even on November 15th, to turn to our neighbor, friend, housekeeper, caregiver, pastor, family member, whomever you might consider important in your life, and say “thank you for being in my life.”  We all have gifts to give, and none of us could do it ourselves.

Below are over 1,213,000 things that the Plymouth Harbor Foundation is profoundly grateful for so far this year.  Thank you for all you do to make Plymouth Harbor the best it can possibly be!