macneil_monogramIt gives us great pleasure to welcome the following new members of the MacNeil Society in 2016. These new members join the existing 26 members of the MacNeil Society, bringing our total membership to 37.

The amount of deferred giving represented by this 2016 group of members totals over $1,543,600. The total deferred giving from all living members of the group totals more than $2,825,000, and we have received over $394,000 since 2012 from those who have passed away. We are very grateful to those who have made a gift in their estate to benefit Plymouth Harbor — planting seeds for the future.

New in 2016

Tom and Marie Belcher, Celia Catlett and Gene Heide, Harold and Kathy Dombrowski, Charles Gehrie, Nancy A. Gross, Fran Knight, Vera Kohn, Ted Rehl, John W. Markham, III, Rebecca and Paul Pazkowski, Charleen Sessions

Members Since 2012

Joe Berkely, Charles R. and Gloria J. Broderick, Ruth Carmichael, Even T. Collinsworth, Evelin Corsey, Bruce Crawford, John and Alida DeJongh, Jeanette M. DeVore, Carl Denney and Winnie Downes, Beatrice Doheny, Elsie Dreffein, Matilda Fontaine, Harry and Nancy Hobson, Allen and Stephanie Hochfelder, Henry and Janet Jacobs, Susan Johnson, Elizabeth and William Johnston, Gerda and Vytas (Mac) Maceikonis, Walt and Gerry Mattson, Jeanne McNulty, Anne Moore, Joan Runge, Bobi Sanderson, Joan Sheil, Jack and Peg Smith, Phil and Barry Starr