Not only did everyone have a great time during our first THIRD Age Week from January 20-24, but the weather cooperated and we had those beautiful Sarasota winter days to enjoy.

Plymouth Harbor residents celebrated ‘Third Age Week’ by participating in many exhilarating wellness activities such as Ageless Grace®, Tai Chi, Zumba Gold®, an African Drum Circle, and the grand opening of our brand new Bocce Ball court!  Many people turned out to try new activities and add some “new moves” to their repertoire.

On Monday we were introduced to Ageless Grace, a fitness and wellness program consisting of 21 simple exercises, based on everyday movements. The movements are natural, organic, and focus on the healthy longevity of the body and mind. A photo just doesn’t tell the full story. It was fun!

Tuesday was Tai Chi day and there were plenty who showed up to get a taste of this ancient Chinese meditative and physical wellness exercise. Of course, we started with the basics, but many Chinese credit their longevity to a daily practice of Tai Chi.


Zumba Gold added special zip to the middle of the week. On Wednesday rgy tunes that accompany any Zumba workout. For those unfamiliar with this dance/fitness craze that has stormed the world, traditional Zumba uses high energy Latin and hip-hop music and fitness choreography based on popular dance steps.

Sarasota beaches regularly host big drum circles at sunset, but Plymouth Harbor is starting a circle of its own. On Thursday, we gathered for drumming and lots of fun.





Friday marked the official opening of the new Plymouth Harbor bocce ball courts with some vigorous games. Not that playing bocce ball is taxing – it’s an Italian lawn bowling game older than the Roman Empire-but we already see that competitive glint in the eye of some residents. I hear that the 19th Colony has challenged the North Garden to a match in a couple weeks.

By the way, residents and their guests are welcome to play bocce any time. To sign out the bocce ball set, or to reserve court time, just go to the ground floor of the tower by the elevators. The sign-out sheets and bocce balls are stored on top of the towel return station. Enjoy!