11220073_10203851021984159_73092776949619558_nIn October, we shared that OnBoard, Plymouth Harbor’s new employee wellness program, received LeadingAge Florida’s Best Practice Award. This month, we’d like to provide a closer look into OnBoard and why it was formed.

OnBoard incorporates comprehensive wellness programs within each of the seven dimensions of wellness — Environmental/Community, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Professional/Vocational, Social, and Spiritual. Our inspiration for building this program came not only from our employees, but also from our residents. Building a strong sense of community and creating an outstanding living environment depends, in no small part, upon our success in recruiting, hiring, retaining, and developing the highest quality workforce. It is the combination of residents, employees, and services that makes Plymouth Harbor one of the nation’s top Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

OnBoard was implemented as a formal program in September 2014. Throughout the planning process, it was evident that many current benefits (like scholarships, complimentary flu vaccinations, volunteer programs, etc.) fell within the framework of a defined employee wellness program. But we also recognized a great opportunity for growth. Therefore, we formed a small planning group and set to work developing a program that would build asdfhkajsDF KAsdfstronger, healthier employees; encourage mentoring relationships with residents and employees; and contribute to overall employee happiness.

To do this, OnBoard focuses on achieving whole-person wellness, rather than on one specific area, such as fitness or exercise. For that reason, we offer numerous programs within each wellness dimension. Pictured right are just a few of the many programs and events that OnBoard is responsible for. We’re excited to offer this program to our employees and will strive to improve it with each passing year.