As you age, it is important to remain physically active and incorporate wellness into your routine, as physical activity and exercise can help improve your mood, strength, mobility, and increase your mental capacity. To do so, some people like to attend exercise classes, while others enjoy working out on their own or spending time outdoors — walking, fishing, swimming, etc. However you decide to stay physically active, it is important that you enjoy it. That is a major focus of ours here at Plymouth Harbor. Whatever your needs or interests are, the Wellness Center offers a variety of equipment, resources, and classes to help you achieve your goals.

“I’m more of an individual kind of guy when it comes to exercise, and the Wellness Center meets my needs quite nicely,” says resident Carl Koenig, who has been using the Fitness Room since his move here in February 2017. Carl took advantage of the Wellness Center’s staff expertise and, together with the Wellness Director, developed a fitness plan specific to him that incorporates both cardio and machine equipment. He makes it a priority to incorporate six days of physical activity into his routine, spending one day fishing, and the other five in the Wellness Center.

Resident Ricky Newkirk also enjoys exercising in the Fitness Room, both on her own, and with her Personal Trainer of more than four years. “I love the quiet, the calm, and the views of the water and wildlife in the Wellness Center. To have that environment while you exercise makes a big difference,” she says. Ricky has always loved working with trainers, and when she moved in, she worked with staff to have her trainer approved to work with her here. “Plymouth Harbor had a wonderful insight when creating this gym. The equipment is excellent, and the whole center, the art room, the woodworking area, the dance studio, really complement each other for the wellness of the people that live here.”

Resident Esther Jensen, on the other hand, enjoys attending group fitness classes — in particular, she is a regular in the weekly Aqua Fit class, which she has been attending since 2016. “At first, I tried Total Fitness and I liked that. Then I tried Aqua Fit,” Esther says. “After only a few days, I realized it was for me.” Today, Esther attends the Aqua Fit class Monday through Thursday, and goes to the Aqua Therapy class on Fridays. “It’s a wonderful way to start the day,” she adds. “It’s great exercise and we have a very good time. I occasionally do other things in the Wellness Center, but I never miss the pool exercises.”

Resident Tom Towler has always made physical activity a priority, and has been attending classes in the Wellness Center since it opened in 2014. He makes a point of getting down there at least five days per week — sometimes six, when he participates in the new Sit Fit Plus class on Saturdays. However, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you’ll find Tom in the regular Sit Fit class, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he attends Body Moves, combining that with about a 20-30 minute cardio workout in the Fitness Room. While he enjoys the fitness aspect, Tom also appreciates the opportunity for gathering and conversation. “The classes really lend themselves to making a connection with others. The space there, especially now with the coffee and complimentary massages, has really exceeded expectation,” he says.

Whether you are a new or current resident, it is never too late to get involved in wellness. Join us today!